Testimonials / Reviews

These testimonials show what actual real-life patients have to say about Acoustic Wave Therapy after their visits.  For privacy and confidentiality, only first names and initials are used. Individual results may vary.
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"It's been 6 years since I was able to get an erection. At first I was skeptical about Acoustic Wave Therapy and how it would benefit my dilemma, But now I am a firm believer in Oasis Men's Health and acoustic wave therapy. Their patent care and treatment facility are the best, Thank You Oasis." - John. L

"I am 53 and Oasis Acoustic Wave Therapy has changed my life! Now I am able to achieve and maintain an erection thanks to Oasis. Their staff was very professional and knowledgeable about erectile dysfunction and effective treatment, Oasis Men's Health is the best men's ED clinic in Las Cruces and I highly recommend them."

- Mark. W

"My wife and I had stopped having sex due to my erectile dysfunction and I really needed help getting the flame re-lit in the bedroom, The day that I decided to give Oasis wave therapy treatment a try was the day that changed my life forever. Oasis Men's Health is the way to go and acoustic wave therapy is pain-free, drug-free, and needle-free."

- Chris. J